Gone are the days, when Puri was only the most sacred pilgrimage sites for Hindus. Known as one of the four Dhams of Hinduism due to the presence of Lord Jagannath temple. Puri has also developed its identity as the most charismatic destination of Odisha where you can for a holiday at any time and any season. Puri is blessed with one of the best and safest beaches in the world where you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset that takes you to a different mindset. Puri travel packages are designed to make the Puri tours a memorable sojourn. EventAt empires hotel, Puri, we understand the importance of marriage in your life. To be committed with someone special on an exclusive day should be a memorable experience. And empires, Puri you get friendly staff, cordial hospitality and outstanding food, to make your special moment as an unforgettable celebration for life time. We are providing services, for flexible possibilities of all of your wedding ceremonies, pre- reception family social gathering, on-site catering, reception, photography, DJ arrangements many more events, to make your wedding a successful celebration. The unique arrangements with our innovative team allows to you to design, create and host your wedding in a unique manner. ThemeGone are the days when simple wedding creates charm amongst all. Today, everybody wants an “X” factor in their wedding ceremonies. And this makes destination and themed weddings to be on top amongst Indian weddings. At empires, Puri we have a passion for coming up with innovative ideas and style that make your wedding event memorable one. Starting from traditional wedding to themed weddings, we amaze you with our creativity and services. We are specialized in Marwari theme wedding planning.

Hotel features :-

The main entrance of the hotel, leads to the lobby, spacious and graceful with our hostesses welcoming the guests with flowers and soothing soft drinks.

The lobby opens out to a spacious gateway, with two swimming pools, a lovely pool deck leading to a sprawling lawn, overlooking the lustrous, at times rough, sea. Our guests are accompanied by our Live Guards, during beach parties. Two banquet halls, add to the grandeur of the décor of the resort.

Two restaurants, one three times bigger than the first, feeds our guests in the calm surrounding. Our food stands out to be the best in town. Even RAGASTHANI food happens to be our trait, hence beckoning Marwari guests, to our venue, from far flung areas. Seeing into the facilities present within the resort, Marwari people, mainly, long to organize their marriages, at our hotel.

Budget :-

We support you to frame a realistic budget with meeting your wedding requirements and tastes. DesignEmpires, Puri ensures that your wedding would be a reflection of your tastes and personality. Theme weddings We bring X factors to Marwari wedding themes. We are also providing destination wedding services to make your wedding most unique. Whether you want a traditional Odia marriage or something contemporary, we are there to bring your concept into beautiful live theme. Guest Hospitality. Setting up We are experienced enough to present the best decoration to your stage and venue. Starting from booking venues, designing for stage and lighting, floral decorations and designs, Mehendi ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, Catering, Travels and Car decoration, for everything you can depend on us. Empires, hotel, Puri, is like a one stop solution for your themed and destination weddings as we specialize in Marwari weddings.